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These traditional materials were applied in several ways: Stencil images are found widely in rock art, usually of hands or arms, animal tracks, boomerangs, spear throwers or other tools such as stone axes.

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A few hundred metres away, and some thousands of years older, a man was buried (called Mungo 3).The use of ochre pigments is thus a very long tradition in Australia.In contemporary Aboriginal art, artists select from the same broad variety of modern and traditional materials and techniques as non-indigenous artists.For example, in Arnhem Land stencils are common in the earliest rock art - there are numerous stencils of boomerangs, though these are no longer used in Arnhem Land except as clapsticks for music, and they include all the main types of boomerangs ever found in Australia.Stencilled images occur widely across Australia and some fine examples are found in the Carnarvon Range in central Queensland: George Chaloupka has described how one old man in Arnhem Land remembered being carried as a child on his father's shoulder's as his father climbed up a log leaning against a rock wall.

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